Winter Wedding Photography Tips

Winter Wedding Photography Tips

Hey guys! Today’s blog post is about winter weddings photography tips and how to get the best out of your wedding photography. I love a winter wedding, they are often super cosy and magical and if you plan them right you can get some absolutely epic photos.

I can work in any kind of weather or lighting situation, but it is worth noting that winter weddings have a lot less natural daylight. So here are a few things to consider when planning a winter wedding.

What to consider then choosing a venue

Finding a great venue for a winter wedding is key to having a great day. It makes such a difference when the venue has great indoor spaces to make sure you and your guests have a great time.

Things to consider when picking your venue Winter Wedding Photography Tips

Here are a few things to consider when picking your venue:

  • If possible, make sure to visit your venue at the same time of year you’re getting married so you get a feel for the venue and what it will look like at that time of year.
  • Make sure your venue has a wet weather plan.
  • Ask if you can do confetti inside if it’s bad weather
  • Are there any photography backdrops that would work inside?
  • Check there is enough space to house all your guests inside without it feeling cramped and confined. Different rooms to have the ceremony, drinks reception and evening meal would be ideal.
  • See how your venue is lit once it gets dark – do they have outdoor lighting? Or if it’s a dry hire venue consider renting some awesome lighting. Festoon lights looks magical when it gets dark.
  • Ask the venue about transport in bad weather, do the roads flood or get muddy? If so it’s worth warning your guests of this.
The Wedding Venue The Asylum in Peckham with fairy lights and bunting. Taken during Christmas Inspired Winter Wedding at the Asylum

Have an early(ish) ceremony time

Now I don’t mean that you have to have a ceremony at the crack of dawn, but if you’re getting married between Oct – Feb I always recommend having a ceremony no later than 2pm. This means you have about 1.5 hours after your ceremony to do a few photographs in natural light before it gets dark.

Do some group shots before the ceremony

This is a great way to maximise time and the natural light. If you can plan to be ready a little bit earlier it can be so lovely to get some wedding party and family photographs before your ceremony. i would highly recommend this if you have a later ceremony. If you’re not into traditions you could always do a first look and couple portraits too!

Have a bad weather plan

Having a wet weather plan is vital any time of year in the UK. The British weather is an unpredictable, uncontrollable thing, but if you plan for rain the chances are you will be ready and accepting. Essential wet weather plans below:

  • Make sure you have umbrellas
  • Have some indoor spaces or backdrop for photos
  • Have enough space indoors for your guests to feel comfortable
  • Make sure the venue has heating
  • Invest in insurance – just incase! If the weather goes bad to the point that the wedding must be postponed, you can still get back a huge part of the costs.
  • Embrace the weather and be prepared to go outside!
  • Pack a spare pair of shoes (or wellies) so your feet stay dry and warm
  • Tell your guests of any changes due to wet weather
Winter Wedding Photography Tips - wear a warm coat! Bride and bridesmaids in fur jackets

Make sure you keep warm and have a coat!

I’ve been to a lot of winter weddings and I am amazed at how many brides and bridesmaids haven’t had a warm coat to wear! You can get some badass wedding jackets! Get yourself a warm coat and be comfortable on your wedding day. Check out my Pinterest board on wedding jackets and coats here for more inspiration.

cool bridesmaids with black dresses and biker leather jackets at London Asylum and Battersea Arts Centre Wedding

Embrace the darkness & the weather!

As the legend George Michael once said, “let’s go outside”! Don’t worry about your dress getting dirty, it’s so much fun to embrace your wedding day no matter what the weather.

Winter golden hour

It would be worth noting that golden hour still happens in winter! You can get awesome sunsets. Have a look at when the sun goes down on your wedding day and see if you can plan in 10-15 mins to get some golden hour magic!

Night time photos

I love doing some photos once it gets dark in winter. You can do sparkler photos, or we can just do a few couple photographs in front of some awesome backdrops.

I hope you have found this blog post about Winter Wedding Photography Tips helpful, for more hints and tips about wedding planning, you can check out my blog here

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