Why to consider having an unplugged wedding ceremony

You may have stumbled across this phrase “unplugged ceremony” while wedding planning. For those of you who aren’t sure what it means, it essentially means that you ask all your guests to put away any phones or cameras and have a device free ceremony. There are many benefits to having an unplugged ceremony and I’m going to explain a few of them to help you decide whether you would like to have one.

See faces in your photos, not devices

Some of my favourite natural photos of your guests are from the ceremony. Parents beaming with pride, wedding parties with huge smiles or wiping the tears away. It makes such a difference to your images if people are staring through their phones or cameras.

I am so sad that even though we said no phones and cameras, Greg’s mum must have not heard, and hid her face behind a camera for the whole ceremony! We can’t see any of her face which is such a shame!

You get the photos you want to have

I’ve had countless people lean into or actually stand in the aisle, and block me from getting key images like exits and entrances and first kiss shots. The likelihood is that these photos are not going to be great quality compared to your wedding photographers.

The photos you have from your wedding photographer will be the flattering edited images, so having a ban on phones and cameras means these situations are avoided.

Guests are present in the moment with you

There is nothing more magical than having all your nearest and dearest in one room sharing all the joy and love. Kind of related to the first point but on a more human level.

Devils Advocate: Do you want an unplugged ceremony?

Some people don’t mind having more photographs of their wedding and encourage guests to take photos and that is totally cool too! I remember one couple said to me, in like 10, 20, 30 years time when we look at our images we can laugh at how outdated iPhones look!

You definitely do not need to have an unplugged ceremony if you don’t want to!

How to have an unplugged wedding ceremony?

There are a few things you can do to implement an unplugged wedding ceremony:

  • Make signs so that when people enter the ceremony area they see them
  • Get your celebrant, registrar, vicar to make an announcement before the ceremony starts
  • Make your family and friends aware of your wishes before the day (I wish we had done this!)
  • Add it to your invites or wedding website

I hope you have found this blog post helpful, for more hints and tips about wedding planning, you can check out my blog here

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