What’s in my Camera Bag? My Absolute FAVE bits of kit and little extras that make my life easier as a Wedding Photographer

From my fave bits of kit to all those little extras that make my life easier as a wedding photographer. Check out my top list of must haves. Contains some affiliate links (which basically means if you click on it and buy it directly from the link I might make a few pennies from it… literally)

The Cameras

I shoot with 2 Canon R6 bodies. These cameras BLEW MY MIND. The eye auto focus and the quick speed focus in low light are insane … need I say more? Ok well, I liked them so much I bought a third one as a back up.


The Lenses

I shoot with Canon RF Lenses:

  • 85mm f1.2 RF
  • 50mm f1.2 RF
  • 35mm f1.4 EF
  • 28-70mm f2 RF
  • 16mm f2.8 RF

The Good Stuff

Okay, here’s a list of my absolutely favourite things to have with me on a wedding day. This is the good stuff that will set you apart from other wedding togs.

The Bumbag

The biggest essential when shooting weddings is my trusty bumbag, full of SD cards, batteries and snacks (no one wants a hangry Kirsty).

Buy my Bumbag here

The Harness

My harness by Desired Leather is so comfy and seriously cool. I’m living my Lara Croft life in it most of the time. I bought the Narrow personalised Dual Camera harness in brown, size small.

Buy my Harness here

SD card holder (water resistant)

SD storage on a wedding day is SO IMPORTANT. This little case stays in my bumbag. Clear cards on one side, used cards on the other (I’m very organised with my SD cards so I’ve even labelled which side is which.

This case is water resistant and has a clip if you wanted to clip to your harness you can.

Buy SD Card Holder Here

Buy Label Printer Here

The speaker that clips onto your harness

I’m all about creating good vibes and having fun, so blaring out some music to help my couples and groups relax while we do photos is super important. Also, who doesn’t want to dance around with a mini boombox attached? This handy JLB Clip speaker can be attached to my bumbag or harness.

Buy JLB Clip Speaker Here

The Phone/ Tissue/ Tic tac Holder of Dreams that clips onto your harness

My bumbag’s a little full and I want easy access to things, so I found this awesome pouch that clips onto my harness at the top. It has tissues in (for the running nose or teary eye – top tip, whip out the tissues asap for your couple/ their parents etc), and I keep Tic tac’s in this (top tip give to the couple before they have their ceremony – yup this isn’t my first rodeo gang), and it can fit my phone in and some anti-bac for covid days.

Buy my Clip on Pouch Here

Buy Tissues Here

Buy Tic tac’s Here

The Lens Pouch that can clip onto your bumbag

I love switching between my 50 & 85 on a wedding day, and man it was annoying having to run back to my camera bag every time i wanted to do a switch over, those days are no more now with this handy camera lens pouch that fits perfectly on my bum bag.

Buy my Lens Pouch Here