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Two Woods Estate Wedding Photography

Tacos and martinis among the redwoods

Two woods wedding photography never disappoints, but Max and Louisa’s wedding in Two Woods Estate had everything going for it. Like, literally everything. 

First of all, there was the ludicrously romantic woodland ceremony. A sun-dappled clearing in a grove of ancient redwoods, glowing softly in the amber hues of autumn as they said their vows. Then there was the weather. I mean, these guys were fucking jammy! Sure it looks like summer, but it was in the middle of October in the UK! 

Throw in a MWL dress, some insane florals and the tastiest wedding reception in the history of wedding receptions, and this was quite literally the perfect woodland wedding. 

If you’ve been dreaming of having a romantic wedding in the woods, you’re about to see what that dream looks like in stunning HD. Come check it out.

A little bit about Two Woods Estate wedding venue

If you’re looking for a woodland wedding venue, Two Woods Estate in West Sussex is pretty darn unbeatable.

Nestled in 42 acres of stunning woodland, you’ve got a stylish loft for bridal prep (and wedding night antics). A barn for your reception, a wild meadow for afternoon games, and even a ‘secret meadow’ for everyone to camp in afterwards. And as the jewel in the Two Woods Estate wedding crown, you can have a romantic woodland ceremony in a grove of ancient redwoods. 

If you’re looking for a beautiful, unspoilt, completely magical place to get married, Two Woods is perfect.

Made with Love in the Honeymoon Loft

*Before you get excited, the above title refers to the dress and the prep room; not a wedding night conception.*

Our morning began with Louisa and her girls in the Honeymoon Loft of Two Woods Estate. With a super-chilled atmosphere, loads of vintage furniture, and a ton of natural light, the loft is the perfect room for your morning prep. 

Louisa wore Louie Flowy from MWL Bridal, with playful 3D lace and a deep V neck. She had the dress fitted to show off her curves, completing the relaxed, modern look with a low bun and elegant makeup. And can we just take a second for the fringe?! Her whole look was a total vibe, she looked frickin’ amazing.

Two Woods Estate Wedding Photography: A tale of two moments

When Louisa had finished getting ready, her bridesmaids led her dad into the room for a ‘first look’. And as soon as he opened his eyes, literally everyone in the room was an emotional wreck. Louisa cried, her dad cried, her mum cried. I cried. Yeah, all the feels. 

And in the woods not far away, Max was having a moment of his own. Just a few minutes alone with his Best Man, adjusting buttonholes and calming nerves in the silence of the woods. 

These are the kinda moments I think make your wedding day special, and the moments I love to capture. Not just the big moments you have with each other, like the first kiss, or the confetti. But all the little moments with the ones you love. Moments that’ll come to define your memory of the people you share them with. 

A woodland wedding in Two Woods Estate

As we waited for Louisa to arrive, the atmosphere was simply magical. 

In the heart of the ancient redwood grove sat a little wooden hut, benches on each side, and a vintage carpet leading up to the altar. Vast redwoods towered above us on all sides. And autumn sunlight dappled through the cathedral-esque canopy. 

And taking all that Robin Hood beauty to a whole new level were the most magnificent floral urns flanking the altar. Autumn hues of amber and scarlet, hydrangeas of deepest purple, carthamus, pampas grass and ferns. I know everyone “just loves” summer flowers. But gimme those autumn florals all day long. 

Before long, we saw the stunning green of the bridesmaids’ dresses flashing between the redwoods. And behind them followed Louisa, arm-in-arm with her dad. A carpet of leaves crunching beneath her feet as she walked, just a few minutes away from marrying the love of her life. 

Like, am I even explaining this right?! A woodland wedding in Two Woods Estate is beyond romantic.

Prosecco and couples shots in the redwood grove

After a beautiful ceremony, fresh rose petal confetti filled the air, and a huge cheer filled the woods. We stayed there for a little while, sipping champagne and enjoying the quiet of the forest. And as the guests began to make their way to the reception, I disappeared off into the woods with Louisa and Max to give them some well-deserved alone time. 

And honestly, that day we’d hit the jackpot! The sunlight pouring through the branches, those insane autumn colours and that incredible bouquet. Max and Louisa just bounding through the forest as a newly married couple. I tell ya, we were one very happy bunch.

But with live music calling us from the barn, we couldn’t hang out in the woods forever. And we headed over to the reception to get our drink on.

The world’s tastiest wedding reception in Two Woods Estate

You wanna hear the best piece of wedding planning advice anyone will ever give you? You ready? Plan your day around what would make you happy. And when it came to their reception, Max and Louisa had three very obvious priorities. Great drinks, awesome food, and a shit load of sweet treats! 

Now you can’t taste a photo, so you’re gonna have to trust me on this. This was one tasty as fuck wedding reception.

There was a pick ‘n’ mix table (holla to Woolworths!) And a mammoth desert table of brownies, blondies, cupcakes, biscuits and cookies…oof!! There was a tasty as cocktail bar with espresso and pornstar martinis. They were passing out shots during the speeches. And they even had tacos for their meal! And c’mon, tacos?! I challenge you to find a single person who doesn’t fucking love tacos. 

Does anyone really want a shot of themselves pretending to cut a cake?

Max and Louisa were completely anti-bullshit, pointless poses from day one (it’s why we liked each other!) And there’s no pose more bullshit, or more pointless, than the cake-cutting shot. 

So we decided to fuck that off and did a ‘not a cake shot’ cake shot instead. They fed each other handfuls of cake, did a cake kiss, and Max literally gave tradition the middle finger. If you really wanna have a cake shot, trust me. Just use your hands and go crazy with it. I promise it beats the shit outta standing there holding a knife.

We spent an awesome afternoon playing pingpong, guzzling cocktails and chowing down endless brownies. And as darkness fell, Max and Louise ran through a tunnel of sparklers on the patio. It was basically the perfect day.

Looking for a Two Woods Estate wedding photographer? I’m your girl! 

As a wedding photographer, I absolutely bloody love this place. The chilled-out vibe, the gorgeous forest, their focus on sustainability, it’s all very good. And I’m not gonna lie, the fact it’s ten minutes from my house is a massive bonus! 

But most of all, I love the kinda couples who choose to get married here. Couples who don’t care about a massive stately home to have photos in, or a fancy three-course meal. They want to get married in the woods, surrounded by family and away from the world. Spend the afternoon playing games in a field, or drinking in the sun with their besties. And then finish the day with tacos, martinis and handfuls of cake. I’ll tell you what, they’re my kinda people. 

If you love my work and think I might be your Two Woods Estate wedding photography girl, I’d love to chat with you. Get in touch and let’s see if we get along!

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