Sahm & Ash

“What can I say about Kirsty? Well firstly, before anyone reads the rest, the first line is the most important right so, KIRSTY IS AWESOME! (I think it about sums it up but I will continue).

I (the bride) and my husband had very different ideas about photos before we got together. I personally love photographs being able to look back at memories and had a keen amateur interest in portrait photography. Ashley wasn’t so bothered about photos as he didn’t have many of him as a youngster and just thought I was sentimental for no good reason! Yet as our relationship progressed and particularly when we had our daughter, he saw how special it was to have photos, how important it was for our little girl to be able to look at memories of her life so far and recognise her family members and friends and for us to have moments to look back on to show us how we had gotten to this point. By the time we got engaged and were thinking about what we wanted for our day, it was important that we got a photographer that was able to encapsulate us as a family. Our mad bonkers family that can’t pose to save their lives. Our wedding was simple in essence, no fancy frills, just a lot of food and drink and colour and we needed a photographer that could get all of that, blend in and most importantly feel comfortable enough to join in. And that was Kirsty. When I stumbled across her profile on social media, how she captured the fun and love of a day is what caught me. What caught my husband was her use of the natural light and features around to make the photos more real, like moving images caught in one still moment.

She was calm, funny, put up with my terrible sense of humour and dealing with our families. She met us on several occasions to discuss our day, was completely understanding on the day when I had my one singular bridezilla moment (just the one) and provided a well needed hug. We never felt that she was imposing, her and her colleague Alyssa just fit right in. I always thought that I would look back on my wedding day and wished I had done ‘this’ better or ‘that’ better, posed more, smiled more appropriately, or covered that tummy (that I could be as cool as my husband) but every photo we received from Kirsty from Our day made me beam and relive that bit of the day all over again. So thank you Kirsty for being AWESOME and giving us photos to be proud of and treasure for the rest of our lives! We both feel we have a friend for life and I truly hope so. (p.s. She’s AWESOME).”

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