Why you should print out your photos – a personal post

To pre-warn you, this is a very long and rambly post. This isn’t a post that is really relevant to anything weddingy and I’m not trying to sell my services by writing this post about printing your pictures. I’ve been going through lots of old photos of my family recently, especially of my dad. He sadly passed away a while back. As you’ll see from these photos my dad was fucking cool – I mean he wasn’t your standard “Dad” figure, to put it mildly. He was a hippie rocker who never grew out of his poncho, ripped jeans and cowboy boots. Who would have thought I would be wearing the same style ripped jeans he’s been wearing for 30 odd years?

I look through photos of him when he was 17/18 and see so many similarities between us both. We look so similar, and I never really liked people telling me I looked like my dad, but now looking through these old photos I definitely can’t argue it anymore. We have the same lanky murky blonde hair and the same dark brown eyes. I’ve never seen my dad with blonde hair, he hated it so always dyed it jet black.

I came across a picture on my Granny’s dresser that I’d never seen before, a teenage dad! This little picture in a frame made me so happy for some reason, I can’t really explain it, I guess seeing my dad so youthful was like a breath of fresh air.

Before I go any further don’t worry this isn’t a eulogy to my dad or anything like that. But this whole process (for lack of a better word) has made me realise just how important it is having those physical photos printed somewhere. These are little glimpses back in history. Now that we live in a world of digital technology there’s a big risk that these photographs won’t be printed out and will become lost or forgotten over time.

My job is to create memories for people, to document their family history on one of the happiest of days. More than ever I realise the importance of wedding photography, and how important it is to get those family groups together – and to also get those natural moments of you laughing and being together. I recently got a great picture of a bride and her dad laughing together in an old Morris Minor. For some reason this one photo really stood out to me that day, maybe it’s because I’ve been thinking about my dad a lot, maybe just because it was a beautiful moment that couldn’t have been staged. They are the kind of photos you want to have printed somewhere, to remind you of those special moments together.

My mum was always so good at taking pictures, maybe it’s her influence that made me get into photography in the first place. I would always be obsessed with looking through the old photo albums she made.

I recently looked at my dad’s old holiday photos of Peru, he went when he was around 21 (back in 1974). They are the most mesmerising photos of a place that was untouched back then. I think back to my recent holiday snaps that are either only on Facebook or on a long forgotten hard drive somewhere, and in a few years time we might not even have hard drives anymore, so those photos will be lost unless I do something about it and find them and print them off.

The weird thing is I was always planning on writing a post on the family photo album, and how important it is to print out your photos, but I never really knew what to say or how to say it without being too personal. I’m sad to say I have no recent pictures of me and my dad together, none in the past 10 years at least. So I’m going to make an effort to take more photos and make sure I get more photos of me with the special people in my life. I’m going to print more photos and make sure that I have a family album to cherish, to look back on, and smile at in 10/20/30 years time.