My life outside wedding photography

Hats, cats, tats, and spicy margaritas for life

Hey, I’m Kirsty. 

I live life in an old country cottage in Hampshire. Serving under the iron paw of my very high-maintenance cat, Pablo. I also live with Greg. Best friend, soul mate/husband.

I’m a sucker for a long walk. Preferably with Greg ambling alongside me; ideally with a dog if there’s one going. And if there’s a pub at the end? Ooof, jackpot.

Music makes my soul happy. Give me The Doors, The Stones and Fleetwood Mac. Give me Florence and Beyonce. Fuck it, give me Dido, I’ll vibe to anything. 

I’m addicted to chocolate, kind hearts, big laughs and people in love.

I’m not your normal wedding photographer

I care about you and your special day, so when you ask me to be your wedding photographer you don’t just get a supplier – you get a friend. I love to get to know you both and hear all about your plans.

I like to have a bit of fun with you both and do things that reflect you both as a couple. I also chat with your guests to make them feel relaxed too. That’s how I can be a photo ninja in plain sight and get all those amazing moments captured on camera.

There’s something quite magical about capturing people’s memories for them

I can’t tell you how much my own wedding photos mean to me. I look through them, and in-amongst the drinks, the flowers, and the faces of people I love, I see the smiles of people I miss.

My father in law, clapping and laughing during the speeches. My grandad, his eyes twinkling, smiling back at me through the frame.

We call them ‘moments’, I guess because we’re stuck for a better word. But they’re never just that, are they? Never just ‘a thing that happened’. They’re memories kept safe; happiness, pocketed; love, bottled. They’re our way of catching the fragile now, and they can’t ever be replaced.

And that’s my ‘why’, in case you were curious. To give you photos that mean- and I mean really mean- something. To go beyond the party vibes, the drinks, and the styling, and capture the oceans of love that lie beneath. 











So, that’s enough about me

I can’t wait to hear from you and hear about all of your wedding plans. Be sure to get in touch!

Get in touch

I photograph weddings in Hampshire, across the UK, and all over the world. If you love my work and you think we’d hit it off, I’d be so excited to hear from you.