Katie & Ian

“Where do I start with Kirsty? She was EXACTLY what we wanted in a photographer as she just wanted to get fun and laid back shots with little posing (we’re not very good posers!) and she totally blended in with the party, and managed to take so many photos without making anyone feel uncomfortable or like they had to play up to the cameras.

Our couple shots just the two of us felt totally natural and ‘us’ – and it was all down to her friendly, relaxed vibe. I felt so comfortable!

There’s SO MANY AMAZING reasons why you should book Kirsty as your photographer, and I don’t think I can even fit/list them all in here!
ON THE DAY: She blended in so easily with our guests, making them feel so relaxed and not like a camera was on them all the time – which is exactly what we wanted for our laid back wedding day. She also made my husband and I feel totally relaxed for our one on one photos, it didn’t feel like a chore at all (it was the part of the day, before I met Kirsty, that I was least looking forward to – I hate posing!) but it was lots of fun, over in the time we wanted it to be and then we could just get on with having fun.

THE PHOTOS: Oh my! I just love them so, so, so much! As predicted Kirsty really captured the fun of the day, and I imagine capturing people mid-laugh while also making them look attractive is really tricky! I was kinda dreading the photos after the meal as I was more than a bit tipsy but they’re all so much fun (and I look nice in them!) Her angles are just beautiful and she just sees beauty in so much, from the scenery to the way people are. She captured my amazing friends so well.

Um, this is turning into a bit of a gush but all I can say is BOOK HER! XXX”

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