How I Work + What I do on your wedding day

My main aim, when working with any couple getting married, is for you to have an amazing, relaxing experience working with me. I want you to be able to look back through your photos and smile, laugh and even get a teary eye at the wonderful moments that have been kept alive for you with my camera (btw I am in awe of the camera and it’s ability to freeze moments in time – it’s kind of magical innit?).

Anyway, I thought it might be helpful for me to write a little bit on how I work, and what I do during a wedding day – so that you can have a little insight into life behind my lens. I’ve broken it down by each section of the day.

The Getting Ready

Depending on the package (and hours coverage) I usually start shooting around 2 hours before the ceremony. I tend to settle in with a coffee and chat to relax the people I’m around. I capture the buildup and all the fun/ nerves that start to kick in. I’m always unobtrusive and capture the natural moments during the prep stage.

Natural Moments and Memories

I’m all about the natural moments, wedding photos are so much more than just a few nice posed shots to prove you put a ring on it; it captures your life, the special people in it and all those beautiful imperfect moments you don’t even realise are happening. From crying as you say your vows, to sweaty shape cutting on the dance floor, to laughing so hard you snort prosecco out of your nose.

During the day, I don’t intervene, or boss people around. The only times I’ll step in is when you have a few group shots – a really important part of any wedding day, and when we sneak off to do a few lovely photos of the two of you.

Group Shots

When I shoot group shots I like to have a bit of fun, to make people feel more relaxed and natural. I usually do one formal shot, and then a few fun ones so that you get some more real photos of you with family and friends.

I recommend having around 6-8 group shots (takes around 20-30 mins) to avoid spending hours on line ups, and it means that you have more time to enjoy yourselves.

Couple Photos

During the couple photos, I like to get a bit creative. I like to have a bit of fun with you both, and do things that reflect you guys as a couple. Most people aren’t use to having a camera shoved in their face, so I like to spend a bit of time (say 30 mins) on getting some lovely, natural and beautiful shots of you both.

Quite often people get so worried about looking awkward or even ugly in their wedding photos, but for me when you capture natural smiles and people in love, you never get that awkward Chandler Bing smile! So, I keep the couple photos relaxed, fun and natural.

Golden Hour

I always recommend sneaking out either just before sunset, or once it gets dark and we can get some more awesome photos of the two of you. It’s always amazing light before the sun goes down (golden hour love), or we can do a shot in the dark/ in the rain once it gets dark. 

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Eating & Evening Time

While you eat, I take a break – no one wants a photo of them tucking into some roast potatoes! Then I make sure I’m around to capture the speeches, cutting the cake and first dance (if you’re having them). Plus, I’m totally around for all the craziness of the dancefloor! I don’t watch the clock; I stay until the whole day is captured.

What about the details? Do you photograph the little things?

Hell yeah! I love a good detail shot and make sure I get everything from breakfast food, to reception rooms, flowers, church doors, any form of animal in the vicinity, and anything else you can think of!  

I am just as likely to photograph what you had for breakfast as I am your first kiss because for me, all of these things come together to create the story of your wedding day.

    So that’s it about me and what I tend to do during your wedding day :). If you’re getting married and this sounds like the type of thing you want do get in touch!