Helpful Hints & Tips

Here’s a few last minute preparations and tips to help things go smoothly

Getting Ready

  • When getting ready, have your bridesmaids put all their stuff in a condensed corner of the room—I call it a “crap corner” ;). This way there aren’t neon bras and McDonald’s wrappers in the background of your photos.
  • If you’re having your make-up and hair done – don’t go last because if things over run this means that you will feel rushed and no one wants that on their wedding day. It’s much better to be ready earlier and have a few touch ups.
  • Bring a non-plastic hanger for your dress shot/ bridesmaid shots if you want to do the whole hanging up dress shot thang.
  • Get ready by a window, but also try to leave one clear too– I love shooting near window light, so when you are setting up and bringing things into your room, keep stuff away from the window.
  • Eat a Snack Before You Put Your Dress On – We don’t want any fainting around here!
  • If you want a father (or mother) of the bride first look shot, let me know beforehand and we can make sure I’m in the right place before they walk through the door and see you in your outfit.
  • If you want any group photos before your ceremony, you need to plan in way more time and communicate this with your make up/ hair artists.

Just Incase – A handy O Shit Kit

This handy list is full of links to make sure you are prepared for anything on your wedding day!


1. Walk slowly down the aisle, and make sure there is a big enough gap

between each bridesmaid. Otherwise I might not get time to shoot each

bridesmaid walking down, and a bridesmaid may also block you too!

2. Look towards each other when saying your vows.

3. Hold Hands During Your Ceremony – This is probably a super weird tip right?

Sometimes people forget to tell you these things, but it looks super awkward

during your ceremony photos if you are standing 5 feet apart and not

touching somehow.

4. Tell the bridesmaids to smile when walking down the aisle. I’ve had a few

resting bitch face moments!

5. Kiss Slowly – don’t have a quick peck – hold the kiss for a good few seconds.

6. Ask the celebrant/registrar to move – During your rehearsal ask your officiant

to step to the side when they announce your first kiss.

7. Carry your bouquets at the waist. Sometimes when brides and wedding

parties walk down the aisle they have a tendency to hold the bouquet really

high. Keep your bouquets held low at the waist – think PUBES not BOOBS.


1. Embrace the confetti, I have a load of confetti shots where couples are

hiding, grimacing and generally looking quite upset at confetti being thrown

at them. It is a weird old thing, and could be quite painful if you get it in the

eyes! But try to look up and smileJ

2. Lots of confetti always works best, most people don’t bring any, so be sure to

have a big supply if you want an awesome confetti shot.

3. Colourful confetti always looks amazing!


1. When planning the layout of the room, spare a thought for where the

photographer can go. Ideally a bit of space to be able to walk around would

be great.

2. Also if you have round top table, make sure that the speakers do not stay by

the table, but go to the front of the room.

3. When you raise a toast, make sure you don’t hide your face with your glass, toast out rather than in front of you.

The First Dance

What I’ve noticed is that when it comes to the first dance couples can be a bit

shy. Let’s face it, most of us simply can’t dance, and to have so many pairs of

eyes watching you can be embarrassing. But it shouldn’t be!!! The first dance

is all about you two. Enjoy the moment. Twirl her round, and give each other

a big hug! We love those moments. If you nervously shuffle around or talk all

the way through it then your first dance photos will not be the best they can



If you want sparkler photos please buy long sparklers 


1. Don’t Worry About Time – Really! I’ll keep us on schedule as much as

possible, but your job is to enjoy your day. If that means things run a little

late because you’re having a great time, don’t worry about it!