Hair for your big day! Top ways to care for pre-wedding hair

Hair for your big day! Top ways to care for pre-wedding hair

I have the awesome Claire from Luxurious Hair & Beauty back to chat all things hair. Claire is super talented and is also a qualified hair dresses. Here are her top tips to care for pre-wedding hair – enjoy!

Hair for your big day!

Hair for your big day!! So we all feel the need to grow our hair, go a natural colour and not have it cut for 2 years whilst planning! Step away from growing and not looking after it!!

My main bit of advice before we go to far is please have YOUR hair!! (And please don’t get me wrong I’m not here to rant, I am going give you advice, I just see too many brides regret that grow!) Not the hair that the bridal magazine says to have with that dress, not the hair that looks ‘most bridal’ or I must have my hair up because that’s what brides do!

Photo by Chloe Lee Photography

Be you!! I’ve been hairdressing for 20years now, and I’ve been doing wedding hair most of that time, and too often I hear, short hair brides say ‘I really must grow my hair because it’ll look more bridal’ brides saying ‘I must have my hair up, I never wear my hair up but its more bridal’ and I’ve even had bright colour hair brides say ‘I must colour my hair brown, or I’ll regret it in 10years when I look at my photos’

It always makes me sad that brides feel the need to have something they never normally would. Be bright, be bold and if you have a pixie hair cut then blooming rock it!! If you like your hair down, wear it down!!! So now I’ve had my little passionate rant here’s how to look after your hair before you big day and what you can do to get the look you want.

Photography by Kerrie Mitchel

Keep up with regular hair cuts

This is really important if you have a long engagement or a short one, (and to be fair just everyone should anyway) get your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks this will help remove all dead/spilt ends, keep it in shape. Make sure your hairdresser isn’t scissor happy and just ask for a trim, this will help you grow and keep healthy. If you are keeping it short then you will know that a 4 weekly cut is a must anyway.

If you are going for a different style, try early as you may not achieve what you have in your head so always good to try with plenty of time to change.

Top Hair Treatments

Regular hair masks will help you to strengthen your hair and give you glossy shine for your big day. Unfortunately you need to step away from the ‘supermarket/drug store’ treatments. (Any cheeper, non professional product will just lay silicone and detergents on your hair. Ever brought a new shampoo from boots and gone home loved it, then by the end of the bottle thought ‘hmmm I need to change it!’ That’s because its just laying bulking agents on the hair. These make them cheeper to sell and mass produce.) (I could write a whole blog on that but I wont bore you)

So pop into your local hairdressers to find your perfect treatment. They should be able to help you, but if not here’s some tips:

  • If your hair is bleached or highly coloured, breaks, feels stringy, dry, frazzled. You will need to a protein treatment.
  • If you have curly hair, slightly dry hair then you will need moisture.
  • Most professional treatments will say what it is for, on the treatment.
  • Depending on the condition of your hair you will only need to do this once a week, and if you have natural hair once every two weeks. Any more than this and your just throwing it down the sink.

Colouring Hair Tips

Keep it regular, 6-12 weeks for colouring. Don’t over do it or dry it out. Again if your going to change it do it with plenty of time, to make sure your like it and it works.

When’s the best time to colour you hair before the wedding? When you have your hair coloured keep looking at it and checking to see when you like your colour most. We normally recommend 2 weeks before as this is how long it takes your natural tones to take over. But everyone’s hair does grow differently. So I you need it done that week then do. (Please not the day before, just in case your hairdresser is ill or something goes wrong.)

Have a wedding hair trials

Your bridal hairdresser will recommend the best timings, we all work differently. I personally don’t like to do them too far in advance as I think we change our minds, and I have a terrible memory so even when I take photos and write notes I still forget. But don’t be worried to say you don’t like it or can we try something else out. We wont be offended plus it’s your hair and your day!!

If you do want long hair and cant quite grow it or get the right thickness then your hairdresser should be able to help with clip in extensions, these are great for helping create the look you want and need.

Hopefully that has given you a little help. And you will have perfect hair for your wedding.


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