Fun Wedding Photographer | The world’s most fun, colourful wedding at The Bridal Barn, Shropshire

The world’s most fun, colourful wedding at The Bridal Barn, Shropshire

I’m not gonna lie. Having a reputation as being a colourful, fun wedding photographer definitely has its perks. Because it means I get to go to all the fun, colourful weddings! And because only the best people plan a fun wedding, it also means I get to work with the most awesome couples! 

Is it exhausting going to high-energy, insanely fun weddings all the time? Of course, caffeine is my bestie. Do I love every second of it? Abso-bloody-lutely!

But of all the weddings I’ve been to, Kris and Laura’s summer woodland wedding at The Bridal Barn in Shropshire has got to be up there with the most fun. And definitely the most colourful. From their hilarious outdoor woodland ceremony, to their joyful rainbow styling, to their off-the-charts-fun reception, Kris and Laura’s wedding was a true celebration of love and the epitome of happiness. 

And these guys were definitely my kinda people, too. So relaxed, always up for a laugh, and completely besotted with each other. If you’re wondering how to plan a fun wedding, prepare to be inspired. Because Kris and Laura delivered a masterclass in fun.

Woodland ceremony at the Bridal Barn, Shropshire

Laura and Kris had an outdoor ceremony nestled in the woodland surrounding the Bridal Barn in Shropshire. I’m a sucker for an outdoor ceremony anyway, they’re always so laid-back and romantic. But with nothing but the sound of birdsong and the wind rushing through the trees, the surrounding woodland added a beautiful atmosphere of quiet intimacy. And then the jokes started and quiet was a distant memory!

Laura’s brother acted as their wedding celebrant, and led a blessing which was more like a stand up show than a wedding ceremony. So personal, so much fun, and properly laugh-out-loud funny. 

After the ceremony, there was a rainbow blizzard of confetti. If there was a photo that captured joy in a frame, it’s Laura and Kris’ confetti shot. The vibrant colours, the ear-to-ear smiles. Just perfect.

So before we go any further, we need to talk about Laura’s dress, right?! 

Emanuela by Grace Loves Lace 

The shoulderless figure-hugging Emanuela from Grace Loves Lace is beautifully understated and astonishingly elegant. And the geometric patterns on the layers of French lace give it a wonderfully laid-back, boho feel as well. I’ve always loved the relaxed femininity of Grace Loves Lace dresses, and Emanuela has got to be my new favourite. It’s basically the perfect dress for a beautifully-styled, fun summer wedding!

Combine that with a vibrant bouquet and flower crown in all the best colours of the rainbow and you have yourself a bridal look that is out of this world. She even had a rainbow shawl for later in the evening. Don’t you just love these guys?!

Being the fun wedding photographer for another fun photographer

“She also made us feel totally comfortable during our couple shots (especially my husband who is a photographer and isn’t used to being in front of the camera).” – Laura

Kris is an insanely talented photographer in his own right. And it’s always both an incredible compliment and a huge amount of pressure when another photographer asks you to shoot their wedding. And yeah, the pressure was real. It was like doing stand-up in front of Eddie Murphy. But the great thing about shooting another photographer is they get it. And whenever I asked Kris and Laura if they wanted to leave the crowds behind and get some couples portraits with me, they were always just as excited as I was!

There’s something so wonderfully secluded about woodland. You can disappear into the trees and feel totally at peace. And the woodland surrounding the Bridal Barn made for a perfect intimate escape for our couple’s portraits.

Because as insanely fun as Kris and Laura’s wedding was, at the heart of their day was their overwhelming love for each other. And I loved disappearing with them into the woods so they could have a laugh and let their guards down, get all loved-up and romantic and spend some alone time together as a couple.

Rainbow-boho? Rain-boho? Whatever you call it, it’s a total vibe.

The reception space looked like Skittles had teamed up with Encanto. But classy.

With rainbow streamers along the roof, glasses of all colours on the tables, vibrant flowers adorning the cake and fiesta-style napkins, you couldn’t help but smile as soon as you walked in. And the explosion of colours brought such wonderful life to the rustic setting of the barn. I really loved the giant frame with hundreds of photos hanging from fairy lights, too. Such a wonderfully personal addition to an already-spectacular reception.

And not only did it look awesome, this has got to be one of the most fun receptions I’ve ever been to. And as a fun wedding photographer, I’ve been to quite a few! They had a greek-style BBQ for their main meal, followed by a pizza truck in the evening. There was dancing. There was basketball and a mobile bar. I mean, c’mon there was even a bucking bronco!

And when the sun had set, the chilled-out festival vibes turned into an absolute rave in the barn. If you want to get a real feel for the day, check out their wedding video. It really was something else.

How to plan a fun wedding reception

So how do you plan a fun wedding reception? My best advice, don’t think about what you should do, or what everyone else does. You do whatever the hell you want to do! If you love BBQ and pizza, then spark those coals and stretch that dough. Want a bucking bronco? Pull on those cowboy boots. Want to see every colour of the rainbow in every corner of the room? What’s stopping you? Let those colours fly! 

And I guarantee your guests will enjoy it a helluva lot more than a quiet sit-down meal at a ubiquitous golf club. Looking around Kris and Laura’s reception, everyone of all ages was just living their best life. People were jiving away outside, playing basketball, chowing down on pizza. It was an absolute blast of a day. Not once did I have to ask someone to smile! 

(If you want some more fun wedding reception ideas, check out my dedicated blog.)

The Golden Hour from heaven

It had been cloudy all day, so I’d kinda given up hope for a Golden Hour. But just as the sun started to set, the clouds parted and glorious golden light started streaming through the trees. So like the opportunistic, fun wedding photographer I am, I quickly grabbed Laura and Kris for some Golden Hour couple’s shots. 

As we disappeared into the woods, the gathering trees muffled the sound of the distant party. The trees began to thin, and opened up to a spectacular view of the sun setting over the hills. 

And these shots have got to be my favourites of the day. Not just because they’re incredibly pretty (if I do say so myself). But because of the way Kris and Laura are looking at each other. That look of pure love, blissful happiness, and the unadulterated joy of finally being married to their best friend. Such a special moment to be able to capture, and one I’ll never forget.

golden hour grace loves lace dress at super fun wedding photographer in shropshire bridal barn

Looking for a fun wedding photographer?

“Kirsty blended in so well with our guests that someone asked if she was a friend of ours. To be honest, I answered yes because she really has become one over the last year.” – Laura

For me, being a fun wedding photographer isn’t about plying you with drinks. It’s about us having such a great relationship that you can feel free to let your guards down and be yourselves. It’s about blending in with your guests and being part of the day. So everyone can have fun without feeling self-conscious around ‘the girl with the camera’. And it’s about capturing all the spontaneous, hilarious, romantic moments that make your wedding day the amazing day it is. 

So when you look through your wedding gallery, it’s not filled with posed shots or awkward smiles. But real emotions and real happiness. And shots of you and your guests having the best day ever.
If you’re looking for a fun wedding photographer, I’m your girl! Get in touch today for a chat and let’s get to know each other.

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