Francis Bridal Practical Romantics Boho Wedding Fashion Inspiration

Something a little different 

Pretty much a year to the day I am finally getting round to sharing some images I took of Francis Bridals Practical Romantics Collection. Not only is this a little different because it’s not directly related to a wedding, it’s more fashion based I guess… but the main thing is all these images are in black and white! For a girl who loves colour this is a big move, but I decided that I wanted to mix things up a bit and I actually really prefer these images in black and white. 

Trish ( the owner of Francis Bridal) designs these amazing boho dresses and I’m so happy that I was able to be a part of such a wonderful shoot. Her new collection was a big hit and I just love that her dresses are designed to be relaxed and bohemian, but are also comfortable and can be worn with a bra! Her dresses are also the nicest, best quality fabrics, they feel so damn soft! 

We picked The Dreys in Kent for the location and it couldn’t have been more perfect. They have lots of different spaces for you to create the festival wedding of your dreams, it’s all beautifully styled, and based in a secluded woodland. It was the perfect backdrop, even in the deepest month of winter! 

The weather was seriously freezing, it snowed the day after we shot this! Our model Vanessa was an absolute trooper, she was smiling and dancing in arctic winds while looking genuinely happy! We were all in thick winter wear, she was in these thin summer dresses and she didn’t complain once. 

Also big shout out to: Wildrose Bridal Hair and Blue Vanilla Beauty for also braving the cold and creating beautiful hair and make up!

I hope you enjoy something a little different from me today! 

Supplier Squad