Why you should have an Eco Glitter Bar by Luxurious Glitter at your wedding

Eco Glitter Bar Festival Wedding

Today I have the totally awesome, rainbow haired, sparkle loving Claire from Luxurious Glitter on the blog to talk to you about why you should have a Eco Glitter Bar at your wedding. I wish I had an Eco Glitter Bar Festival Wedding! Not booking Claire is probably the only thing I regret about our day! Me drunkenly rubbing some glitter on my cheeks at midnight because I had forgotten all about it was a sad story to say the least. So hear it from me first, if you want to bring all the glitter to your wedding day, Book Luxurious Glitter! She’s completely Eco friendly too!

Hello Claire!

Eco glitter bar for festival weddings. Inspiration for festival style weddings who want glitter and fun. Sussex wedding photography

Hey everyone! I’m Claire from Luxurious Glitter, also known as the glitter boss! I run an eco glitter bar across Essex and Kent (and most places in between) with my fantastic sparkly team of glitter fairies.

What is Eco Glitter?

Although it’s becoming a lot more popular these days, I’m always asked what a glitter bar is, let alone what an eco glitter bar is, like ours.

I’ll start with the unique glitter we use. We made a conscious decision at the start to go with 100% eco glitter. All other glitter we came across were super sparkly and the options were enticing and endless BUT it was all plastic, which didn’t (pardon the pun) wash with us at all. So, from very early on, our glitter is all bio, meaning it’s made from plant-based cellulose film, from the eucalyptus tree. It’s biodegradable and starts breaking down as soon as it hits the earth. We still encourage everyone to take it off before showering though, just to save our oceans a little more.

Eco glitter bar for festival weddings. Inspiration for festival style weddings who want glitter and fun. Kent wedding photography

Tell me more about your Eco Glitter Bar?

So, our glitter bar! We love glitter and we’d like to set the scene for you! Imagine you’re at your favourite festival (Glasto 2021, maybe?!) – we’re there! You’ll get two of our super talented glitter fairies all glittered up and super keen to get you and your guests all glittered up and ready to party. We bring our fabulous sequined backdrop, table of sparkly goodies and our director’s chairs. We’ve got a full range of bright and dazzling glitters and a selection of re-usable gems. And we must stress that these are reusable! We recommend you take them home, give them a rinse and reapply them at another time. Tip: A little dab of eyelash glue will get them back in place instantly. You may have noticed that we love emphasising our designs with a little neon face paint, too.

Eco glitter bar for festival weddings. Inspiration for festival style weddings who want glitter and fun. Fun wedding photography
Photo by Chloe Lee Photography

Glitter = more fun and joy? Need I say more?!

It brings us so much joy when we see everyone getting really into our glitter! If you’re looking for something different, something for your guests to have fun with in the evening, some festival vibes or just some sparkle (because who doesn’t just want that?) then a glitter bar is a must.

We go all out for all our party guests to give you the glitter service you deserve, too. From subtle glitter freckles and colourful crescents to out-there chest pieces, glitter beards, bracelets and gem garters – it really never ceases to amaze us what we’ll glitter next.

We’ve found that ALL guests love glitter – and some really surprise us! The atmosphere around the bar buzzes and everyone – aunts, uncles, grans and grandads – get involved and are usually the ones coming right out of their shells competing for the biggest and boldest designs – it’s incredible. I liken it to bees around a honeypot!

Once we’re in the groove, the dance floor starts getting busy and looks amazing as everyone’s ready to rave on fully adorned with glitter and gems.

What about the mess?

One of the best bits of consistent feedback we have is on our set up and pack down service. We cover it all. We set up, keep everything tidy as we go along and clean up after ourselves – just like the fairies have well and truly been! No tidying up DIY glitter bars in the evening or morning after.

So, that’s us!

Check us out and pop over to our social media and say hello!

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Thank you so much Claire!

Are you planning a festival wedding?

I hope you enjoyed that eco glitter bar festival wedding blog post!

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