Today I’m going to address a bit of an elephant in the room. It’s about finding the perfect wedding videographer to suit your wedding photographer/photography style.

Photography & Video Approach

Having a conflict of interests/ approach with photo and film can have an affect on your quality of images (and video for that matter).

It is super important to make sure the video and photo work together. I think Video is a wonderful addition to your memories, so this isn’t a post to say don’t book a videographer but more to address the fact that if you book two very different styles you’re going to have some conflicts happening, which can cause issues to the end product.

Relaxed, unobtrusive and natural

Relaxed, unobtrusive and natural videographers work best with my style of shooting. If this sounds like what you want, then you’re also not going to want a shit ton of tripods around everywhere blocking people/ things/ your view/ my view.

Address this subject before you book

Therefore it is really important to chat and address this subject before you book your suppliers to ensure you get the best possible service for both.

Speak to your photographer or videographer first before you book. It’s a great way to get their thoughts on whether they think the styles would work well together.

I always make sure I work with any videographer in the best possible way, but I can’t lie and say that it’s all fine and dandy if we have polar opposite approaches to shooting.

The best of the best videographers

I know some super talented, amazing videographers who work so well with my photography style. They are super unobtrusive and have the same approach as me. I’ll leave their links below!