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See what my past couples have said about me below.

Jules + Tom

“Kirsty is amazingly talented and SO much fun to hang out with, which is an important factor when choosing a photographer as they’re going to spend the whole day with you and your guests at your wedding. It was like having an extra two friends (including her second photographer Marni) there all day! We’re blown away by how wonderful the photos are – we didn’t want them to be too posey or anything that wasn’t us and that’s exactly what we got. They really captured the joy of the day, from the photos of just the two of us to the shots of our guests owning the dancefloor. Each one is fun and beautiful – thanks Kirsty! xx”

Emma + Shaun

“Omgosh Kirsty!!!!!!! We knew based on your portfolio you were good, but my God!! You totally captured the happiness of the day. And the colours! They’re beautiful. We’ve sent them to our friends and family and they have all instantly come back absolutely singing your praises about how lovely you were, how amazing your photography is, how laid back and chilled you were and just generally how great you were to chat to! All the tears, all the laughs, and all the weird dancing – you captured it all. We’re just so happy! We know we’ve said it before as well but we will say it again – you were just a bloody pleasure to have there on the day as well, you were a big hit with anyone you spoke to and really are just lovely!”

Becca + Alex

“OMFG Kirsty these photos are INSANE!!! We are absolutely over the moon with them! We’ve just spent the last hour laughing and crying! Thank you so much for providing as many as you did! You’ve captured the day so perfectly. You brought all the little details together beautifully. Everything looked better than we ever could have hoped. Most importantly you’ve captured all the love, enjoyment, connections and electricity we felt on the day. Not just of us, but of our loved ones as well. You are the most amazing photographer! We’re so happy we found you. We can’t thank you enough! All our friends and family were so complimentary of you as well.”

Natalie & Callum

“First of all we want to say the BIGGEST thank you for being there for our day, you were so easy to from the word go to talk to about ideas, music influences, food influences, it was like we have known you for years. They. Are. Perfect.

Having the two of you there as well was like having guests there, you really are what you say…a photo ninja, and we loved the way you never made us feel regimented with any of the picture taking and you made us feel super relaxed about being married, so for that we could not thank you more.

Thank you for being the best photographer we could have asked for, your’e a credit to what you do and we will be sharing our images to make sure people know you’re the best!”

Callie + Dan

“There aren’t enough words to say how wonderful Kirsty is, not only as a photographer but as a person. Kirsty has an eye for excellent light and finding beauty in the things you wouldn’t normally see beauty in.

Our wedding was in an urban industrial venue and Kirsty’s documentary style photography reflected it so well, every close up, every image of our friends laughing or crying were just so beautiful. We were so emotional when we received the images, they were everything we wanted and more. Thank you Kirsty for making our day so special. Callie and Dan”

Sophie + Nick

“Hi Kirsty! “I honestly don’t know where to start, I’m so insanely happy with the photos I could cry! In fact I already have several times whilst looking at them and we both shed a tear last night during dinner when we saw your email come through and were too excited to wait and look! I think the people sat near us were a bit confused! I adore every single photo and cannot wait to share them with everyone! You have done the most incredible job and we loved having you there! Thank you an insane amount! Sophie & Nick”

Abi + Greg

“We can’t thank you enough! I have no words, they’re just magical and so were you! Thank you for blending in and capturing our amazing day <3. Everyone has been singing your praises about how you fit in so well and no one noticed you were there, you even won over my niece!!”

Devina + John

“Let me start by saying Kirsty is awesome! She was the first photographer I considered and thankfully the last. From the first message I sent her, through to discussing what style of photography we wanted and booking she exceeded all expectations. On the big day of course I was nervous all would go to plan and how the photos would turn out but she did everything and more! It’s so important to have a photographer who is reliable and who you trust and she is all of that. A fun loving person who relaxes you and your guests that she caught moments with ease without you even realising. I cannot thank Kirsty enough for running around all day and the final result was so professional and beautiful, you are amazing! Xx”

Corinne + Adam

Colourful and happy wedding confetti ideas during Alternative Cain Manor Wedding Photography

“We cannot shout about Kirsty enough. She was just the best ever. We knew pretty much from the off we wanted her after seeing her portfolio and Instagram etc and then when we met her for the first time, it just solidified everything. She is so friendly yet professional and after our engagement shoot, it felt like we were literally best mates as she photographed us all over Bethnal Green, dipping into a few pubs along the way! On the day, she was super chilled but just so professional and always on point. She has a way of capturing all these moments but you’re just like “WHEN and WHERE did she do that?!” We originally fell in love with her candid photos, the night time ones and the ones were she used the coloured flares. We were lucky enough to have them in ours and they came out so good. All in all, Kirsty effortlessly captured so many perfect parts and moods of the day and we would highly recommend her to any couples!”

Katie + Ian

“Where do I start with Kirsty? She was EXACTLY what we wanted in a photographer as she just wanted to get fun and laid back shots with little posing (we’re not very good posers!) and she totally blended in with the party, and managed to take so many photos without making anyone feel uncomfortable or like they had to play up to the cameras. Our couple shots just the two of us felt totally natural and ‘us’ – and it was all down to her friendly, relaxed vibe. I felt so comfortable! There’s SO MANY AMAZING reasons why you should book Kirsty as your photographer, and I don’t think I can even fit/list them all in here! ON THE DAY: She blended in so easily with our guests, making them feel so relaxed and not like a camera was on them all the time – which is exactly what we wanted for our laid back wedding day. She also made my husband and I feel totally relaxed for our one on one photos, it didn’t feel like a chore at all (it was the part of the day, before I met Kirsty, that I was least looking forward to – I hate posing!) but it was lots of fun, over in the time we wanted it to be and then we could just get on with having fun. THE PHOTOS: Oh my! I just love them so, so, so much! As predicted Kirsty really captured the fun of the day, and I imagine capturing people mid-laugh while also making them look attractive is really tricky! I was kinda dreading the photos after the meal as I was more than a bit tipsy but they’re all so much fun (and I look nice in them!) Her angles are just beautiful and she just sees beauty in so much, from the scenery to the way people are. She captured my amazing friends so well. Um, this is turning into a bit of a gush but all I can say is BOOK HER! XXX”

James + Laura

I don’t even know where to begin! You have genuinely made my life! What you captured was the absolute joy of our day, the sometimes shocking faces I make and the love in my parents eyes. I cried, hard, going through them the first time and then again with James (I couldn’t wait I am so selfish hahaha).

You are genuinely a magical photo fairy that has made me feel so wonderful about myself; I have always been so concerned with angles and “not from there you’ll see my tummy!” or “higher up you’ll see my double chin!” and not letting people take photos of me front on because of my moon face, but all of that melted away! Kirsty you made me look the best version of myself and for that alone I cannot thank you enough for that.

You made James, myself and all of our friends and families feel so unbelievably comfortable. There was no awkwardness! I’m probably going to spend every penny I make for the foreseeable future on photos and frames so for that, I hate you!

You are such an incredibly talented lady and the love I feel for your work and you is genuinely overwhelming!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

All the love”

Hannah + Dave

“Hi Kirsty. So we sat on the sofa last night, glass of wine, wedding playlist on, and snuggled watching the slideshow together as you suggested…

Just WOW!

They are INCREDIBLE. We were both moved to ridiculously happy tears. You have really captured every single precious moment, and many more we just weren’t able to absorb on the day itself. Stunning photos of a stunning day (I still can’t get over that blue sky and sunset).

We can’t thank you enough and are so grateful to have had the opportunity to have you and Greg join us up in Orkney.

Thank you again, Kirsty, for our beautiful images. We’ll treasure them forever.”

Sahm + Ash

“What can I say about Kirsty? Well firstly, before anyone reads the rest, the first line is the most important right so, KIRSTY IS AWESOME! (I think it about sums it up but I will continue). I (the bride) and my husband had very different ideas about photos before we got together. I personally love photographs being able to look back at memories and had a keen amateur interest in portrait photography. Ashley wasn’t so bothered about photos as he didn’t have many of him as a youngster and just thought I was sentimental for no good reason! Yet as our relationship progressed and particularly when we had our daughter, he saw how special it was to have photos, how important it was for our little girl to be able to look at memories of her life so far and recognise her family members and friends and for us to have moments to look back on to show us how we had gotten to this point. By the time we got engaged and were thinking about what we wanted for our day, it was important that we got a photographer that was able to encapsulate us as a family. Our mad bonkers family that can’t pose to save their lives.

Our wedding was simple in essence, no fancy frills, just a lot of food and drink and colour and we needed a photographer that could get all of that, blend in and most importantly feel comfortable enough to join in. And that was Kirsty. When I stumbled across her profile on social media, how she captured the fun and love of a day is what caught me. What caught my husband was her use of the natural light and features around to make the photos more real, like moving images caught in one still moment. She was calm, funny, put up with my terrible sense of humour and dealing with our families. She met us on several occasions to discuss our day, was completely understanding on the day when I had my one singular bridezilla moment (just the one) and provided a well needed hug. We never felt that she was imposing, her and her colleague Alyssa just fit right in. I always thought that I would look back on my wedding day and wished I had done ‘this’ better or ‘that’ better, posed more, smiled more appropriately, or covered that tummy (that I could be as cool as my husband) but every photo we received from Kirsty from Our day made me beam and relive that bit of the day all over again. So thank you Kirsty for being AWESOME and giving us photos to be proud of and treasure for the rest of our lives! We both feel we have a friend for life and I truly hope so. (p.s. She’s AWESOME).”

Ro + Pie

“You can tell a lot from a website and we knew immediately that Kirsty was right for our wedding day. Our initial search was alternative wedding photography and Kirsty was one of the top matches. As soon as seeing one of the weddings from her portfolio it was clear she had the eye we wanted. The way she captures peoples emotions combined with the energy is great!

From day one communications were very easy including meeting for a coffee to discuss our ideas. We got on very well and could have spent hours chatting. Deposits, paperwork and payments were all clearly outlined and agreed and we organised a pre-wedding call to finalise the finer details.

On the day, as we expected, Kirsty was on time, well-prepared and a pleasure to have at the wedding almost to the point she was like a guest. She blended perfectly in to the day and as we requested, organised the shots we pre-discussed. With a few extra ideas plus the great use of the smoke grenades it all went amazingly!

After some teasers and instagram posts after the wedding, a few weeks later we had our sneak peak of the photos which told an amazing story of the day and we were so happy with the result. Excited to see the full package it was sent a few weeks later and it absolutely lived up to our high expectations, along with a beautiful box, some treats and with her personalised memory stick.

Kirsty is the ultimate professional with a very creative eye and she captures fun, energy and colour in alternative ways. It says a lot when not only are you very happy with the photos on your wedding day but you end up arranging to meet up for drinks with your wedding photographer.”

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