Best of 2016

2016 has been awesome (don’t get me wrong there have been some bad moments too, I mean who would have bet on Trump and Brexit happening?!) But personally, for me 2016 has been out of this world. I can’t even begin to explain how much fun I’ve had, and how many amazing people I have met.

My couples this year have been incredible (seriously they cool AF) and the people I have met by putting myself out there in the ‘big bad’ wedding industry world have also been insanely lovely, more than helpful, supportive, and all round amazing.

As I look through the thousands of photos I’ve taken this year I re-live every single emotion and memory: the fun, love, happiness and laughter. Wedding photos are so much more than just a few nice posed shots to prove you put a ring on it; it captures your life, the special people in it and all those beautiful imperfect moments you don’t even realise are happening. Weirdly those imperfect moments have become some of my favourite photos of this year.

I love and adore my job, sometimes I really have to pinch myself. I have the chance to create and keep memories alive for people, and amazing people choose me to do that for them!

I pushed myself to be better, and do better and I really feel that 2016 has been the year I’ve taken risks and they’ve paid off, and that’s not going to change in 2017.

So, 2017 I’m ready for you!




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Kirsty is a London wedding photographer, specialising in creative documentary wedding photography that tells the story of your day. There’s no stiff awkward portraits, or Chandler Bing smiles; just meaningful moments and life long memories.