15 Fun Things To Do On What Should Have Been Your Wedding Day

15 Fun Things To Do On What Should Have Been Your Wedding Day

First of all, it is utter shit that you’ve had to postpone your wedding because of the c-word that must not be named. I can only imagine how devastating it is having to postpone and change your plans. My heart goes out to all the wonderful couples going through this right now. I know if it were me, I would be in meltdown central car park at the moment. It’s totally okay to feel like this, so don’t beat yourself up for feeling sad. It’s utter shit.

“Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” Albus Dumbledore

I’m sending over the biggest virtual hug to you all right now. I know most of you will be feeling a bit unsure about what to do on what should have been your wedding day. This is day you’ve had in your diary for months – maybe even years – and although you will now not be getting married on this date, it should still be celebrated in some way.

Make it a Day to Remember

Make it a day to remember, have heaps of fun, and make some memories to tell your guests about. If you do one of these things, or something even more awesome, I would love to know about it! Tag me over on the gram or drop me a message, I want to see all of your happy photos and videos!

So, without further ado, here is my 15 fun things to do on what should have been your wedding day.

1) Hold a facetime /Zoom party with your bridal party/ guests

Get the gang involved and have a little party from your homes!

2) Treat yo’self

This goes without saying but stock up on all the amazing treats to enjoy! Maybe contact your cake maker and see if they can deliver a little bit of your wedding cake flavours you can snack on? Or my real life unicorn friend Tiny Sarah’s Cakes is sending out cake boxes and goodies too!

Plus, get a take away from your favourite restaurant if they are open to save you cooking. Or if you fancy yourself as being a bit of a Gordon Ramsey, cook up some of your wedding menu!

3) Cheese it up

If you’re like me, it’s all about the cheese and crackers for a hearty snack! The cheese shed company are awesome and do hampers and goodies you can order. They also saved my cheese disaster on our wedding day (from M&S – read more on that here)

4) Cut a cake! And EAT IT ALL

If you buy or bake a cake have a little cake cutting ceremony and stuff each others faces with cake (it’s the best way).

5) Dance the day away

Create a Spotify wedding playlist of all your favourite tunes and dance all day! You could even have little competition with your zoom wedding guests on who created the better playlist!

6) Watch your fave films – Harry Potter Marathon anyone?

Stick on your fave films, or maybe the film you first saw together?

7) Write a 10 things I like about you list

You could write a card, or a little note with 10 reasons that you like each other… cute right?

I also know that love is a pretty quiet thing. It’s lying on the sofa together drinking coffee, talking about where you’re going to go that morning to drink more coffee. It’s folding down pages of books you think they’d find interesting. It’s hanging up their laundry when they leave the house having moronically forgotten to take it out of the washing machine… It’s the texts: ‘Hope today goes well’, ‘How did today go?’, ‘thinking of you today’, and ‘Picked up loo roll’. Dolly Alderton, On Love

8) Get fancy!

Get glam and whack on something that makes you feel awesome! Whether it be part of your wedding get up, or something completely different, go all out and have a ball from your living room!

9) Ask your special ones to record a speech for you

Get your best man, dad, friend, bridesmaid to record a speech for you to watch on your un-wedding day!

10) Pop a Bottle (or 3) Open!

Get hammered! Enjoy your choice of wine that you were planning to have on your wedding day. Or make some super fun cocktails for the occasion! Again you can challenge each other on who can make the best un-wedding day cocktail!

11) Get a photo album made of your couple journey so far

Print your memories and look through it on your un-wedding day. Or make a slideshow to put on the big screen of all your favourite memories. If you don’t have the time or tech, hit up your photographer and or videographer and I’m sure they will be able to help you out!

12) Take photos or ask to have a virtual photo shoot with your photographer!

See if your photographer is offering a virtual photoshoot! I’ve been inspired but the epic Tim Dunk and Rebecca Carpenter to try my own!

13) Say your Vows or write some new ones!

You can still say your vows to each other and even exchange rings if it feels right!

14) Spend the day in PJs and eat all the comfort food

On the flip side, if you would prefer to have a PJ day in bed and cuddle all day then that’s cool – go for it!

15) Get on this Tiktok craze and film a first dance!

Personally, I can’t relate as I don’t have tiktok (not down with the cool kids, obviously) but I know a few couples have made some fun tiktok videos and it’s a great way to have fun and dance!

Thanks for reading!

I hope you enjoyed my 15 Fun Things To Do On What Should Have Been Your Wedding Day. Let me know if you try any of these things out, I’d love to know what you get up to!

For more info on wedding planning and postponing, check out my blog.

All the peace, health and happiness xxx