11 fun ideas for wedding photos – pose less, smile more

Let’s make your wedding photos epic

Before we get started, I wanna say something straight from the heart. There is nothing wrong with being hella extra on your wedding day. Dude, it’s your fucking wedding day. And you should be as extra, as basic, as completely ridiculous and as downright crazy as you damn well please. This is not the day for holding back. You with me? Great, let’s talk fun wedding photo ideas.  

Because wedding photos don’t have to be boring. They can be epic, wildly colourful and filled with a special kinda crazy you can only get away with on your wedding day. It’s going to be the most exciting, incredible day of your lives. And the photography part should be just as fun as the rest of it. And don’t worry, there’ll still be time for all that newly-married romance. But there’s no harm in having a little bit of fun, right?! 

Sounds good? Great! Here’s 11 fun wedding photo ideas to get you inspired.

1. Smoke bombs (obvs)

I bloody love a smoke bomb! They’re colourful, they’re cool, they’re a little bit atmospheric and moody. And they’re technically pyrotechnics, which is always fun on a wedding day. And yeah, they’re bordering on the ‘basic bitch’ side of alternative wedding photography. But you know what? I ain’t even sorry! Smoke bombs are da bomb!

And from a photography point of view, they’re also really versatile if you know what you’re doing (think: sexy closeup kiss with a backdrop of smoky rainbow). So if you’re up for getting a bit creative with me, we’ll have some fun and get some kickass shots while we’re at it.

If you love a smoke bomb as much as I do, check out my smoke bomb blog for all sorts of tips and ideas. Or if you’re already sold and you just wanna jump in and buy them, do me a solid and buy them here:


2. Champagne spray 

A champagne spray is the epitome of celebration. It’s joy in a moment. It’s literally the most quintessentially “fuck yeah” thing you can possibly do. 

And it’s such a laugh, too. Because I don’t know about you, but literally every time I open a bottle of champagne, I have to resist the urge to shake that mofo up and go crazy with it in the kitchen. Well not today, my friends. Because today is your wedding day, and it’s a crazy kinda day. 

Wedding photography-wise, champagne shots are a guaranteed knockout. It’s always an awesome experience to share together on your wedding day. And you’ll love the photos so much more because you had so much fun taking them. Plus, doing a champagne spray at golden hour is a bit magic.

Pro tip: if you’d rather save the good stuff for drinking, buy a few cheap bottles of Nosecco. Looks the same in photos, and you don’t have to watch precious alcohol seeping into the ground.

3. Champagne tower pour 

You can’t get more Gatsby-chic than a tower of champagne coups. There’s no two ways about it, they’re visually spectacular. And the actual pouring of it is such a cool event (especially if you fuck it up, the tower collapses and champagne goes everywhere).

In the interest of not fucking it up, here are a few basic pointers for getting the perfect champagne tower pour shots:

  1. Use proper champagne coups, all of the same shape and size.
  2. If you’re setting it up yourselves, remember it’s 3D (i.e. a square at the bottom, not a line), and make sure all the glasses are touching
  3. Use a sturdy table (no ‘cheap restaurant, napkin under one leg’ wobble)
  4. Stand next to each other, facing the same way as you pour
  5. Have lots of bottles pre-popped. One bottle will only fill one or two of the top layers and it’ll look shit.
  6. Chat to me about it beforehand and we can choose the perfect time and place to do it.
  7. Go big or go home. A 3-tiered champagne tower is a depressingly underwhelming sight.

If you’re doing it all yourself, show me some love and buy your champagne coups here! 


4. Think outside the box

Anything can be cool, and anything can be fun. Just as long as you have a cool, fun wedding photographer by your side (*enters room dramatically*)

Seriously though, you would not believe how much fun you can have with all the cool shit just lying around a venue. Disco balls, neon signs…they’re there, so why not make the most of ‘em?! 

I know it’s a different kind of fun, and if it’s not your thing that’s totally cool. But as a photographer I really enjoy coming up with something a bit different and getting creative with my couples. So if you’re up for it, we can go exploring, find some cool shit and get a bit weird creating something awesome. 

5. Sparklers 

Sparkler shots have become a wedding photography staple. People love ‘em. 

And what’s not to love?! They’re sparkly, they’re fun, they look great in photos. And they’ve got that wonderfully distinctive ‘sparkler’ smell that transports us all right back to bonfire nights when we were little. 

But the perfect sparkler shot is a tricky one to pull off on a whim; you need to prep. Plus, whenever anyone lights one, someone will come out with a fact about how they burn hotter than the face of the sun or whatever. And anything super hot is potentially dangerous. 

So here’s some quick-fire sparkler tips (poor choice of words):

1. Have a shit load of click-to-light, windproof lighters (people are useless when they’re drunk). And I do mean a shit load. Think of how many you need, then double it. 

2. Get 18 inch gold sparklers (buy them here) You want them burning gold, not silver, and you want them burning for as long as possible.

3. Check with the venue beforehand if you’re actually allowed sparklers!

4. Make sure you have sand/water buckets for the dead ones (they stay fire-hazard hot).

5. Enlist the help of a bridesmaid/groomsman to organise the drunken guests

Pro tip: Don’t set yourself on fire. No one talks about it, but there’s hella hairspray in the air on a wedding day!

6. Couple’s confetti shot

I know what you’re thinking, the confetti shot is an obvious one. But I’m not talking about that confetti shot. I’m talking about your super-sneaky couples confetti shot later. 

Keep a little bag of confetti out of reach from confetti-hungry guests, and we’ll bring it with us when we go for our couple’s session later in the day. Or glitter, or flower petals…hell, lob whatever you want at me! 

And yeah, it’s a total vibe. It might not seem like much, but it adds a whole other dimension of colour, depth and movement to a photo. 

7. Bubble guns 

Yup, I’m a big kid at heart. But bubble guns are ace, right?! Set up a bubble machine in front of a group of toddlers and all hell breaks loose. Why? Because as human beings, at our very core, we all agree on one thing: bubbles are fucking mint. 

What were we talking about again? Oh yeah, wedding photos. Bubbles and photos are such an underutilised perfect match. They float rather than fall, so they’re much easier and more relaxing to work with than, say, confetti. And they catch the light with that oh-so-perfect bubbly rainbow gleam, so for outdoor summer shoots they’re stunning. And they’re just lovely, you know?!

Reading this back, I feel like I’m coming across as some kind of nutty bubble fanatic, so I’m going to stop talking about them. 

P.S. Bubbles are great

8. Rent a cool car/your own car/a motorbike

If you’re hiring a cool wedding car, let’s get that beautiful beast involved in your couple’s shots! Because even if you’re not into cars, there’s no denying the sex appeal of a cherry red vintage convertible. Or the immense nostalgia of a Delorean! (“Your kids, Marty! Something’s gotta be done about your kids!”

Basically, cars are cool, and photo-wise you’re guaranteed some awesome shots.

If you fancy helping me cross something off my bucket list, I’d love to do an epic shoot at night with a motorbike or a car…nothing but darkness, the glow of the headlights and the purr of an engine. If that’s your vibe, hit me up and let’s chat

9. Play dress up

You’re already gonna be dressed up to the nines, right? So let’s take it one step further and accessorise the fuck out of it! Hats (lord knows I love a hat), veils, sunglasses, cool shoes, jackets. Pack a whole damn suitcase and let’s have fun making you look cool as hell.

I’m also a big fan of outfit changes. That whole ‘evening party mode: activated’ vibe is awesome anyway, and it gives you a whole other set of photos with a completely different look. 

If you’re having trouble choosing an evening outfit, Rosa Bloom sequin jumpsuits are the one. 

10. Feed me, Seymour

It sounds hella weird but I love a good feeding shot! It’s not sexy, it’s not pretty, and it’s not remotely dignified, but it’s always such a laugh. And I promise the photos will forever make you smile! 

So go all in on the cake, stuff your faces with pizza, do whatever you feel like…and if you end up with food round your face? Who cares?! It’s your wedding day, have fun with it.

11. Project! 

Playing with projectors is such an underrated idea for couple’s photos. And you know what? I’m totally here for it. Yeah, it’s a bit weird and quirky. But I love weird and quirky. Plus, if it’s tipping down outside and your venue’s pretty bland, it’s a great way to turn an uninspiring wall into something seriously cool.

All you need is a projector (home cinema, not year 9 assembly) and a white wall. Find some cool images to project, et voila! You have yourselves some kickass, completely unique photos.

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