How to Nail a Sick Confetti Shot

Glitter Confetti Wedding Ideas

Here are my top tips for nailing that confetti shot:

1.Embrace the confetti, I have a load of confetti shots where couples are hiding, grimacing and generally looking quite upset at confetti being thrown at them. It is a weird old thing, and could be quite painful if you get it in the eyes! But try to look up and smile 🙂 

Confetti Wedding Ideas

DIY Marquee Wedding

2. Lots of confetti always works best, most people don’t bring any, so be sure to have a big supply if you want an awesome confetti shot.

Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography

3. It’s always a good idea to check with your venue, as sometimes they stipulate that you need to use bio-degradable confetti.

4. Lots and LOTS of confetti (I may have already mentioned this but it’s super important that your guests have lots to throw).

Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photography

5. Not allowed confetti? How about walking with smoke grenades, using bubbles or do a sparkler exit?

Ace Hotel Shoreditch Wedding

6. You could also release confetti cannons during the first dance too!

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